Worcester Polytechnic Institute Introduction

Jonata Nalvins December 1, 2018 0
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Introduction

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute (伍斯特理工学院) is known as the best university in New England and a world-renowned private research university located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester Polytechnic offers a wide range of multi-disciplinary programs for undergraduate and graduate students, including engineering, science, management, humanities, social sciences, etc. Its most prestigious is engineering education, with the highest engineering in North America and the world. Class education. Different from other colleges and universities, in order to obtain an undergraduate degree, students need to complete three projects, such as humanities research, interdisciplinary research topics, and professional research topics.

If you graduated from college, and applied for OPT, you school most like will not provide a student health insurance coverage anymore (also known as 留学生保险). So you need to find your own OPT health insurance (also known as opt 保险). Fortunately, there are many insurance companies have plans for OPT students. Have your own choice of health insurance may not only save your money, it may have better coverage if you know what kind of plan suits you the most.

After you finished your OPT, if you still want to work in the US, your best choice is to apply for H-1B visa (also known as h1b 签证). It’s never too early to start thinking about H-1b sponsorship, but the best time to talk to your employer about sponsorship is before February each year, you need to make sure you will getting sponsored for H-1B before February, because it usually takes couple of months to prepare your H-1B material(also known as h1b 签证材料), so you can submit you H-1b application by April 1st.

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