Trekking Spots near Mumbai

Jonata Nalvins August 1, 2018 0
Trekking Spots near Mumbai

Mumbai is a wonderful place for everything. Whether you are looking for future or you want some enjoyment, you can explore the city and its surroundings for a wonderful experience. In your next visit to Mumbai, make sure that you explore all the exciting spots it has in its vicinity.

Mumbai isn’t too far in this world of options. If you are in Hyderabad, then you can take Hyderabad to Mumbai Flights so as to reach the destination without any delays. If you feel that there is not much to explore in Mumbai then you are wrong. Even if you love to do trekking, you can come across exciting trekking places near Mumbai. Have a look below and you would fall in love for these destinations for sure.

One Tree Hill!

 One Tree Hill is a unique trek that is extremely close to the city of Mumbai but it is really serene and pious. The trail is quite easy and can be climbed by trekkers of all age groups that too during the time of any season.  Every single season fetches a varied flavour and a rich experience. The trail to one tree hill from the place of Ambewadi is also known as the Shivaji ladder route.  Via the trail near end of thick forest, you come across a huge of rocks and boulders where the trail vanishes. It is famous as Shivaji Ladder or Shivaji Steps. As per the local people, Shivaji rode up this route on horseback. From this place, it is five hundred m to top, up a stream bed that remains dry except the periods of monsoon. You should explore this short and thrilling trek for sure.

Prabalgad Fort

At a distance of only sixty one kilometres from Mumbai, this Fort or Prabal Fort is located between Matheran and Panvel. The place lies at an altitude of 2300 feet in Western Ghats. It is one of the most stunning and beautiful tiny forts in Maharashtra and good place to trek near Mumbai.   ThisPrabalgad Fort trek starts right from the base of hill that is nearly three kilometres from Vardoli hamlet that has quick road access from Matheran. Both Prabalgad and Kalavantin are a postponement on Prabalmachi. The time taken to reach Prabalmachi is nearly one hour from Vardoli and trek is easy. It would be great if you are accompanied by a guide or a person who is familiarised with this place because the trek is quite tricky and not properly marked.

Vasota Trek 

Vasota Trek is also called Vyaghragad. It is one of the most famous forts for trekking in Sahyadri.  The Fort trek in the state is enjoyed as one of the supreme treks of this region. Since the fort is located near Konya Wild Life Sanctuary, the fort is covered with dense forests and river that makes place a perfect one for trekkers to investigate into its natural depth and forget about distance covered.

Thus, check out the price of Hyderabad to Mumbai Flights and go for this exciting, thrilling, and uplifting experience. The city and its surroundings would give you a great time!

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