Three Reasons You Must Holiday in Italy

Jonata Nalvins October 21, 2017 0
Three Reasons You Must Holiday in Italy

When you stop to consider the destination of your next holiday away from home, there are likely a number of countries that come to mind, but only Italy will offer the most benefits and advantages upon arrival. For those who adore food prepared using centuries-old recipes, gorgeous architecture, friendly locals, high-quality shopping opportunities, and much more, this is the country you cannot afford to not visit at least once. To truly get the most out of your stay and ensure you see some of the lesser-known landmarks of the country, a walking holiday is your best option, no matter if you travel alone or with company.


Italy is home to a thriving fashion district and considered by many to be the fashion capital of the world, with such cities as Milan, Rome, and Florence. You might even spend all of your money on the first day; of course, it will be worth it to have found some of the most unique and highly sought-after fashion pieces in the world at a highly affordable price, and this aspect of the trip may be enough on its own to bring you back a second time. Versace, Prada, and Valentino all started in the beautiful country, and this is your chance to walk where some of these famous artists and designers have walked in their lifetimes.

The Lakes

Italian walking holidays allow you to see some of Italy’s best natural locations, including many of its gorgeous lakes, which top the beauty charts across the world, beating out many other countries in this category. Along your route, you will come across a number of small villages filled with beautifully coloured buildings, friendly locals, a great deal of amazing food, and many secret places from which to watch the waters. Many celebrities have even chosen to make the Italian Lakes their home, and you will find yourself hard pressed to discover a sight any more enchanting than the surface of the water under the light of a setting sun.

The Food

As you are likely well aware, Italy is home to some of the best cuisine in the world, and many of the recipes are so popular and deeply loved by the residents of the country that they remain unchanged after generations of being passed down in a family. Wherever you turn to enjoy some great food, you will never find yourself disappointed in the dish set before you, especially if you ask your server to recommend the chef’s best dish. For dessert, you may consider ordering a slice of freshly prepared tiramisu, a treat that is only ever truly spectacular when prepared using the right recipes, and finding it in this country is fairly easy.

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