Planning Your First Trip To Peru? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Jonata Nalvins March 11, 2019 0
Planning Your First Trip To Peru? Don’t Miss These Tips!

South America is home to the mighty Amazon river and some of the most heavenly beaches on earth. Of course, there’s a long list of destinations that you can consider, but Peru fits the bill for first-time travelers for the right reasons. Agents like Voyagers Travel have amazing trips and packages for Peru travelers, and in this post, we are discussing further on what you must know before coming here.

The basics

Among many things, Peru is known for Machu Picchu and the mystery surrounding this place. Known for being the site of an ancient Inca city, this UNESCO World Heritage site is located 1000 feet above the Urubamba river, at a height of 8,000 feet. Most people come to Machu Picchu for the love of hiking and the beauty of the place, and we recommend that you consider carry a few bug sprays. The packages offered by agents will cover the rest.

Lima is the capital city and is home to some of the best museums in the continent, besides offering a good and decent scene for food lovers and those seeking nightlife fun. Lake Titicaca is another place you can consider, while Sacred Valley and Cuzco also demand a visit. Consider going to Machu Picchu before Cusco, because the hike of the latter is even harder, and Machu Picchu allows you to get a fair idea of the weather and climate in Peru.

Tips worth noting

If you are coming to Machu Picchu, avoid the rainy season, which is typically between December and March. Peru cannot be considered as backpacking-friendly, and some of the cities are expensive, so make sure that you do the bookings in advance. It is possible to consider a customized package to Peru, and we recommend that you find a travel agent, who can arrange for all the things needed, including inland travel. Spanish is the official language, but if you don’t know the same, you can manage with English, at least in the cities. Food here is as awesome, and surprisingly, there are influences of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Seafood in Peru is definitely worth trying. And yes, tipping is completely acceptable here and you are expected to do so at many places.

Finally, when in Peru, do try Coca Tea, which cannot be brought to the US legally. The tea is considered to be great for altitude sickness, and the locals swear by its benefits!

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