Places To Visit During Tours In Tuscany Italy

Jonata Nalvins November 2, 2019 0
Places To Visit During Tours In Tuscany Italy

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Italy. It has beautiful landscapes, unique historic buildings and places, breathtaking sceneries, and also great food and wine.Tours in Tuscany Italy will relish you with historical architectural masterpieces and beautiful views of the countryside.

Places To Visit In Tuscany Italy

Tuscany has various different tourist attractions, these places include any monuments and sculpture which were made during the Renaissance period and also various sceneries also different places which serve good food and wine. Some of the places to be visited surely in Tuscany are:

  • Florence: Florence is a sculpture of the Renaissance period it is a place which was made during the medieval time and it is a famous art center which consists of various museums, cathedral, a famous dome and the Baptistery which is also very famous. Florence is often considered the heart of Tuscany and it also contains winery which is often considered very famous.
  • Siena: Siena is a hill town which was built in medieval times and it is a very famous and beautiful town which has multiple tourist attractions. Siena has various lined shops that serve traditional cuisine famous in Tuscany. These places are also very cozy restaurants that have a nice company of regional Italians who have very warm nature and serve regional wine.
  • San Gimignano: This is a famous city of Tuscany which consists of famous towers that were built during the medieval period. San Gimignano has a beautiful skyline that is visible throughout the town.
  • Chianti Classico Wine Region: It is a nice place to visit as it has a beautiful landscape of the countryside and has various grape and berry fields which produce the materials for the rich wines which are made in Italy.
  • Lucca: Lucca is a famous city that was built during the renaissance period and it is famous for its bicycle paths and the famous walls which were built during the medieval period. Lucca consists of beautiful gardens, historic cathedrals, well-preserved town structures and buildings of the old period and very popular museums.
  • Pisa: Pisa is the most famous tower in Italy. It is one of the seven wonders in the world. It is famous because of its beautiful design and most importantly its leaning structure, also the beautiful Arno River which runs by the Pisa is very beautiful scenery.

Tuscany is the hub of beautiful places and good cuisine. People often get confused and find it difficult to where to start really while taking Tours in Tuscany Italy.

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