How to Apply for a Partnership Visa

Jonata Nalvins September 1, 2018 0
How to Apply for a Partnership Visa

Applying for a visa for your partner may seem like a pretty straightforward process, but you have to understand that there are numerous complications that you need to take into account. First of all, you must understand that not all applications are accepted. If your partner is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia who is currently working in New Zealand, you might want to consider applying for a partner visa.

If you have recently gotten married and are living separately from your partner, you have to apply for a Partnership visa first so that you can gain entry into the country. The following few paragraphs will give you a better idea about sending your application for the visa.

The Requirements

First of all, you need to understand the requirements for the visa. If the requirements aren’t met, there’s no reason to send in an application. As mentioned above, the first requirement is that your partner must be an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia who is currently working or living in New Zealand. Secondly, you must have met your partner at least once. If you aren’t married yet, you must have plans to get married in the near future. If the partner visa is not accepted, a prospective marriage visa might be a suitable workaround.

In order to discuss your eligibility, it’s important that you first consult with an experienced immigration lawyer. Because the circumstances relating to each case are generally quite different, it’s highly recommended that you first consult with a professional immigration lawyer. They will analyse your case separately and give you a better idea about whether you meet the requirements or not. If you fail to meet the requirements, they will also give you instructions on what you can do in order to meet the requirements and then submit an application.

Preparing the Application

If you work with an experienced immigration lawyer, they will help you prepare the application for your visa. Reuniting with your loved one may take a bit of time, but if you have a migration agent handling your case from within the country, your chances will improve considerably. They will prepare all relevant documentation needed to file the documents, and they will also give you a breakdown of the fee structure. Once the application has been filed, you will just need to wait until you get the approval.

Creating a Pathway

If your application isn’t approved, then you might have to consider alternate measures to improve your chances before filing it again. The migration agent will work closely with you in order to create a dedicated pathway to getting the permanent residency with your partner. They will ask for specific documentation and they will guide you throughout the entire process. Because these agents have a lot of experience in handling such cases, they will be able to guide you in a much better way. It’s highly recommended that you work with a migration agent than do everything on your own.

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