How A Good Self Tanner Can Help Your Dull Skin

Jonata Nalvins May 23, 2019 0
How A Good Self Tanner Can Help Your Dull Skin

All of us, no matter what age want to have healthy and glowing skin. However, not everyone is blessed to have a blemish-free, healthy, and smooth skin. The sad reality of it all is that a good portion of the population has dull and unhealthy-looking skin that can be damaging to a person’s self-confidence. Of course, dull skin can be covered by foundation and makeup, but that is just a temporary solution that requires daily application.

For those who have yet to discover the wonders of sun tanning lotions on dull skin, pay attention. Here’s how you can brighten up dull and dreary skin with the darkest self tanner products that match your skin tone.

A Bit Of Color Goes A Long Way

Pale skin that has not seen the sun for quite some time often looks unattractive and sickly. With the use of the right sun tanning lotion, developing a nice bronze can make anyone’s skin glow and look radiant, even if it hasn’t seen the sun in months. It is best to stick to lighter shades, especially if your skin is very light and pale because going for darker tones can make the fake tan look very unnatural.

Correct Application Techniques Matter

No, sun tanning lotions should not be applied like your everyday lotion or moisturizer, it requires a bit more work. Before putting on any product be sure to exfoliate the skin a day before, this step gets rid of any dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. Skipping the exfoliation only leads to a patchy tan that does not look healthy or natural.

Even application from the very start is a must. If there are uneven spots, the end result will also be uneven and unattractive.

Use A Tanning Mitt

It may sound simple to put the tanning product on your bare hands and apply it directly on your body. Never do this, unless you want discolored palms. The use of a tanning mitt is a must to avoid staining your palms with the darkest self tanner while also ensuring the application of the product is nice and even.

The tanning mitt can be a useful tool to access those hard to reach places because it covers more space than the palm of your hands.

Address The Dry Areas Correctly

Common issues self tanners encounter are spots that are notoriously dry like the elbows, knees, and the ankles. These areas tend to be very dry which means they absorb the tanning product faster resulting in unsightly dark spots. The best way to avoid this disaster is to apply a good amount of moisturizer on these areas before putting on the tanning products.

The moisturizer acts like a barrier which will dampen the darkening to achieve an even tan all over your body.

Self Tanning Is The Glow You Need

Putting on a self tanning lotion to give yourself a bronze glow will lift up your confidence. A healthy looking skin that is evenly tanned will always stand out in a crowd full of pale and dull complexions.

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