Dunedin Vacationing Tips

Jonata Nalvins September 10, 2018 0
Dunedin Vacationing Tips

Welcome to Dunedin, an exciting city in New Zealand full of many places to visits and sights to see. With attractions such as Larnach Castle and Otago Museum, there are plenty of places worth visiting on top of all the natural attractions hard to find anywhere else. It is a prime location to visit when taking tours around New Zealand.

Getting Around

Planning a trip to somewhere new can be stressful. Where are decent places to stay? What attractions are worth visiting in the planned budget? What are the best places to eat? These and other questions are sure to arise when planning these trips. Another question sure to come up is the best way to succeed in getting around.

Unless you are driving into the city, having the family vehicle is a bit out of the question. Most tourists finding themselves in Dunedin arrive by flight and then the search is on about navigating through the city. Sure, there are expensive taxis and possibly even busses that could get one from place to place but these aren’t the most cost-effective ways of travel. Not to mention, it’s harder to choose the exact destination when you are not in charge of the vehicle.

Vacation Smart

The easiest solution is to rent a car for the duration of the stay in the city. This way, it’s easy to get from point A to point B, it doesn’t matter how long each visit lasts, and a family tour is easier to plan. After all, what is the point of visiting a historical museum such as Otago if there’s a time limit on checking out all that it has to offer?

Fortunately, finding a car hire in Dunedin is very simple. There are rentals available right at the airport upon landing and the hours at which you can pick up or drop off the vehicles are broad. Even if the customer service desk is closed (delayed flights are unfortunate, but do happen), picking up the car is still easy when a car rental is reserved.

 Edinburgh of the South

Enjoy the Dunedin vacation and be sure not to miss any of what the city has to offer. There are plenty of options from kiwi spotting tours to the Penguin Place that is home to rare yellow-eyed penguins, beaches safe for swimming on those hot days, and so much more. It’s a wonderful place to stay for both families with children and couples just wanting to escape somewhere together.

On top of visiting Larnach Castle (which just so happens to be the only castle in New Zealand), make sure to also visit Olveston Family Home. Known to be New Zealand’s finest historic home, the home is complete with all the same artifacts that have filled it since 1966 and is a staple of Dunedin. Once you are done with all the historical visits in the city, check out on of the city’s many breweries and enjoy a sample of freshly brewed beer.

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