Chiang Rai – Golden Mystique of Thailand

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Chiang Rai – Golden Mystique of Thailand

Chiang Rai is Thailand’s northernmost region, at the center of the incredible Golden Triangle where the fringes of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand merge, 12 km north of Chiang Saen. The fringe to Laos is noticeable through the Mae Khong River and to Myanmar through the Ruak River. You can get some fabulous perspectives from the Wat Phra That Pukhao peak structure, and the Wat Phra That Doi Thung sanctuary.

Chiang Rai may have once been ignored by voyagers, however the city has much to offer other than the Golden Triangle. Amazing mountain landscape, sensational waterways, elephant treks, and excellent Buddhist sanctuaries give this city an edge over other visitor goals in Thailand. Exciting undertakings – boating, sailing and elephant trekking anticipate you along the waterways Mae Kong and Mae Kok. The treks can be charging, weaving through dim mountains and quiet wildernesses, surging down streams and cascades, past intriguing caverns and sanctuaries.

Inside the city, you will run over any number of remembrances and landmarks devoted to King Mengrai the Great, the organizer of Chiang Rai. See excellent Buddhist hallowed places, for example, the old Wat Phra Singh and Wat Phra Keo; the last once revered the consecrated Emerald Buddha that is currently in Bangkok.

In your raids into Chiang Rai’s mountains, you will run over various charming slope clans that hold their beautiful culture and clothing. Doi Mae Salong is the best known about these old Chinese slope towns. Bazaars and nearby commercial centers in the towns are great spots to get knickknacks, innate handiwork, silver adornments, jade and valuable stones, cowhide and garments. Make outings to the old capital of Chiang Saen with its unmistakable style of Buddhist model, to the caverns of Mae Sai and the illustrious professional flowerbeds of Maephaluang.

Experience an occasion of an alternate kind, far from the madding horde of Bangkok, here in tranquil and peaceful Chiang Rai.


Chiang Rai is 785 km from Bangkok and 128 km from Chiang Mai. The city can be gotten to via air (1 ½ hours) and street (12 hours) from Bangkok. You can likewise cruise up the Mae Kok River on a longtail vessel from Tha Chon in Chiang Mai (4-6 hours) or take a transport from Chiang Mai (3 hours).

Inside Chiang Rai city, you can get around in tuk-tuk taxis, minibusses and trishaws, or lease an auto, van, cruiser or jeep for your trips.

Best Time:

The best time to come here is among November and March, with the goal that you maintain a strategic distance from the warmth and the blustery season. Convey cotton garments, strolling shoes and your camera.


You will discover convenience to suit all financial plans, from star class inns and resorts, to vacationer cabins and hotels. Reserve a spot amid the Christmas season.

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