8 Things That One Needs To Know Before Moving to Hawaii

Jonata Nalvins January 12, 2014 0
8 Things That One Needs To Know Before Moving to Hawaii

Each year, countless people move to Hawaii wanting to live their dream life filled with days spent on the beach and nights spent enjoying the happening night life of this paradise like place.

Living in a beach house, surfing and spending time enjoying the beautiful weather and other activities that Hawaii has to offer seems like the perfect life for most Americans. But before you set out to live your dream, you might want to know what it’s like to live on an Hawaiian island. Here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  • Housing Prices Are Very High: The prices in Hawaii are definitely one of the highest in the country. The real estate agents can help you find a suitable home but for a price. Usually, beaches houses can be a lot more expensive that you can imagine. A whooping $800,000 can fetch you a large cando in Waikiki or a small home in Manoa. Most of these houses are single walled construction which means that they have no studs in the wall. The yards are smaller than the ones in other states thanks to the high demand of houses in the state. If you move to the west part, you can get a very good house for around $500in Makakilo, Kunia, Ewa and other neighbouring places.


  • Being an island state, Most of the Things are Expensive: It is harder to get everything you like. Since it is an island state, everything needs to be shipped. Items that you are usually used to may not be available at all times in any give store. Since everything needs to be shipped, even courier takes longer to arrive.
  • Things take longer in Hawaii: People here live a ‘slow’ life compared to anywhere else in the country. So if you are used to the fast paced life of a typical city, then you would need to slow down quite a bit here. Whatever takes 5 minutes elsewhere, will take you about 15 minutes here. People walk slowly, drive slowly; it’s basically a laid back life that everyone enjoys. You might get a dentists’ appointment in 2 weeks-time rather than the next day. But that’s how people here are, even the real estate agents.


  • People Don’t Spend As Much Time In The Beach As You Think They Do: And this would apply to you as well when you move here. Most people do their work in regular offices rather than around the beach sides as most imagine. A regular Hawaiian will visit the beach about 3 to 5 times a month and that’s just about the same number of times you would too.
  • Be Prepared For Visits From Family And Friends: Everyone loves a good holiday with a family who lives in an exotic location and you will have to be their guide. But it could work out well if you like to visit them back when you need a change.


  • Moulds Grow Fast And Things Rust Faster: Anything left wet will see a growth of mould and everything rusts. Cars and bikes need to be painted regularly.

Sometimes, people leave Hawaii finding it a little difficult to cope with all these things, but then once they do it; they regret it all their life. The secret is to be determined to make it work while learning how to live life in a more relaxed, casual way.

Author Bio: Henry Garner is a real estate agent in Hawaii who moved there about 5 years back. He has faced challenges and once he learned how to overcome, he started sharing his personal experiences with others. He has been offering tips to people who are interested in knowing what it’s like to live on an Hawaiian island.

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