3 Weekend Trips for the Family in Israel

Jonata Nalvins January 7, 2019 0
3 Weekend Trips for the Family in Israel

There are three ways to explore. The first is to be introduced to a new place. It can be a section of the city you have never visited or a different city altogether. The second is to see an old haunt with new eyes. You might have been to the Mount of Beatitudes before, but on the next visit notice something new. The third way is to be with a different group of people. Travelling with your young children, extended family, or visiting relatives can bring new meaning to typical tourist destinations.

Here are three destinations you can visit over the weekend:

Visit major hubs like Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a beacon to all sorts of cultures and religions. You can find a lot of events curated for religious tourism. For your stay in the city, you can look for Jerusalem Vacation Rentals instead of paying for multiple rooms for your family. This option is available in other short-term rentals in Israel; for more information and options visit www.koshack.com for choices.

You can take the time to go about the city leisurely and hit the marketplaces. For example, you can visit the Mahane Yehuda Market that is also known as “The Shuk” or “Machne”. There are a lot of restaurants nearby at affordable prices. You can restaurant hop from one place to another and make a day out of eating good food.

If you are looking for something more substantial, you can participate in tours around the city. A tour of the Old-New City of Jerusalem will take a whole day. It follows the important sites of Judaism and Christianity from the Western Wall, Mount of Olives, to King David’s Tomb. You can also visit places like the Israel Museum, Yad-Vashem The World Holocaust Remembrance Museum, and L. A. Meyer Memorial Museum of Islamic Art with guided tours.

Relax in Masada

The Dead Sea is known for its hyper-salinity which allows heavy objects to float, but the important part is its medicinal properties. From the mineral mud near the shore to the salty waters, the Dead Sea has been used for treating psoriasis, rhinosinusitis, and osteoarthritis. The health benefits make it an ideal weekend destination which you can bring older members of your family to.

Other activities you can do in the region include visiting natural wonders like the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Masada National Park, Snake Path, and Ein Bokek Beach. While you are in the area, you can visit the Masada Museum which is filled with archaeological finds and historical presentations of ancient figures like Herod the Great. 

Experience a cultural mix at Kababir

If you aren’t looking for a ‘touristy’ experience, you can visit the village of Kababir. It is in the Haifa district. It has a mixed neighborhood of Ahmadi Muslim Arabs and Jews. It is the only settlement of Ahmadi Muslims in Israel, a settlement that dates back to the late nineteenth century. A notable feature of their village is a two-tower mosque.

There are sixteen cities with seventy-seven municipalities in Israel. Meet new people, explore new locales, make the most of the unique blend of culture that comes from the immigrants from the 1940s. Even if you have seen all the must-see sights, there is still value in revisiting them.

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