London Stratford Area Sightseeing

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London Stratford Area Sightseeing

The Stratford part of London has many interesting sights for the entire family, including the Olympic Park that was built for the 2012 Olympics. Inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are many facilities, some of them open to the public, or open for special events. These include the London Stadium, the VeloPark and the London Aquatics Centre.

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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This park is located in London and was a sporting complex that was built specifically for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The park comprises the London Stadium, the Aquatics Centre, the Media Centre, and the Olympic Village.

There have been many sporting events held at the London Stadium. You may also view the ArcelorMittal Orbit, and take the elevator to the top to view the city from one of two observation decks.

London Stadium

The London Stadium hosted many of the Olympic games in 2012. It continues to be used for several purposes, including the London Grand Prix in 2013, the Tour de France in 2014, and the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters from 2014 to 2016.

There are currently several resident sporting clubs that make use of the stadium, including the Wapping Hockey Club, and the Newham and Essex Beagles Athletic Club.

There are also live shows and concerts held at London Stadium. Live Nation is one concert promoter who has hosted events, with many top bands performing there, including Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and Robbie Williams.

London VeloPark

The London VeloPark has a unique inverted roof shape. The surface has been made from real pine. This facility was used for the 2012 Olympic Games and is also part of the Olympic Park. The VeloPark has won many architectural awards for its structure.

Since then, the VeloPark has been host to many events. Revolution and the UCI Track Cycling World Cup took place in 2014. In 2015, the Revolution Series came back, and the UCI Track Cycling World cup.

London Aquatics Centre

The London Aquatics Centre is a large indoor facility with two swimming pools and a diving pool, both located in the Olympic Park. This centre has been open to the public since March 2014. The prices are about the same as for regular recreational facilities.

The Centre is still host to some big diving events. In 2016, it hosted the European Aquatics Championships.

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