Is it Safe to Walk the Camino de Santiago Alone?

Jonata Nalvins May 14, 2017 0
Is it Safe to Walk the Camino de Santiago Alone?


There is a noticeable difference between social perception of men and women travelling alone. It seems that in the common understanding, women tend to be more exposed to danger. But notice that Camino de Santiago is not the whole world. Various women when describing the experience of going through Camino roads claim to rarely ever be alone. Hiking Camino is a kind of group activity. Even if you decide to travel by yourself, there’s always a group of people having the same needs and aims that you do.


They say that Spain is safe, and Camino is an extremely safe place. Even if you start alone you will soon acquire a newborn family for your own. Naturally, it all depends on what your family associations are, but a great amount of society, mentally connects the idea of ‘family’ with rather pleasurable feelings. Spanish people are known for being helpful, warm and incredibly friendly. As part of their southern nature, they will be extremely opened, which may seem dangerous if you come from northern regions. Nah, not really. It doesn’t ever seem dangerous, rather fluffy and funny. Seeing them shepherding pilgrims gives an impression what spanish people really need to get the life fulfillmentof in Camino de Santiago region – giving support to their beloved sheeps known as pilgrims.


One should never forget that every rule has its exception. There are several cases of harassments and robberies once or twice per a year. At the end, you never know what will happen. This exceptions are said to be isolated, though. And it doesn’t mean that trips or even alone trips should be avoided. On contrary, one should face his or her fears if he or she wants to become a mentally strong personality. And that is what is needed to grow into a good pilgrim. Risks need to be taken.


Much more terrifying than contemporary real or imagined anxieties are naked facts known from the history. Camino-connected picaresque crimesfrom past centuries should be better not watched in fiction and non-fiction movies before embarking, not to let your imagination get heated up too seriously. Please check crime-rates now and then and look for dangerous places around the globe. Camino de Santiago will be on its very end. What is relevant to underline here are our own capacities to make our closest environment dangerous by getting drunk. I mean, really drunk. Even the calmest and most peaceful person may become a real nightmare when he or she is blessed with an alcoholic demon unchained.


Good advice from travelling mates – take a whistle! As there are many pilgrims on the route someone will surely help you if you call them for help. Your call will be so much stronger, better noticeable and effortless with a whistle. Do you remember Rose from Titanic with and without a whistle? Besides, all of the other precautions that we would take anywhere else should be applied here as well. Don’t talk to unknown shady types and be careful in the night. There is also other advice from co-travelers which seems rather entertaining at the beginning – take yourself a leather metal studded dog lead and walk with it. It will give an impression that you are actually having a dangerous doggy beast skittering somewhere around you. When getting attacked – scream his invented scary name in order to appear as an owner of a Rottweiler or a dog of a kind. This may help. But please don’t get attached to the idea of being harassed. It’s all about being spiritually moved, not robbed.


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