How To Find An Affordable Paying Guest Room

Jonata Nalvins January 16, 2015 0
How To Find An Affordable Paying Guest Room

Most Americans have never heard of a paying guest room, until they start searching for vacation lodgings in India. These affordable vacation rentals are the cheapest form of sleeping accommodations that you can find. There are many reasons why you should stay in this type of lodging, when you are on vacation.

What Is Paying Guest

A paying guest room is offered by a homeowner. Many homeowners will rent out a portion of their home to vacationers, students, and business personnel so that they can earn a second paycheck. They will in turn give you your own space and allow you to use the kitchen and laundry facilities. There are many benefits to staying in a paying guest room and you should do a little research on the topic, before you go out there and rent one. This will allow you to make choice on renting one of these rooms or not.


There are way too many benefits to renting a paying guest room to mention, but one great benefit is the rental fees. These fees are very affordable and that is exactly what most foreign vacationers are looking for in a rental. This will allow you to spend more money on having fun because you are most likely not going to be staying in the room, but only to sleep. Most home owners will allow the guest to use their amenities such as; television, air conditioners, Internet, and bathing facilities.

Down Side

While there are many great pros to living in a paying guest there are also down sides, as well. Of course, you are not going to have as much privacy and a lot of space. You may feel a little cramped, when you are sharing a home with some stranger, but it is not going to matter so much if you are not going to be staying there very much. A complaint that many paying guest tenants have is the fact that they feel uncomfortable living with something that they are not familiar with their customs, language, and religious practices. Do not let this deter you from renting this type of lodging because the home owner is well aware of this complaint and feels the same way toward foreign vacationers.


Many homeowners will offer the tenant some extra services, which they may or may not charge them for. You may be offered meals, laundry facilities, and room service. These are great services that will not cost you very much extra and will make your stay in India a lot more comfortable. No one wants to be piled down with a lot of laundry, cleaning, and cooking on their vacation.

Searching Easy

Many foreign tourists have complained about trying to find paying guest rooms that is until the downloadable buy property app came available at their app store. This tool will allow searching for this type of housing with much ease. Each and every paying guest rooms have a small summary, which is a brief description of the room and services provided. You can also check out the photo gallery so you will have an idea of what it looks like.


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