A Guide to Arranging a Cycling Holiday

Jonata Nalvins May 27, 2017 0
A Guide to Arranging a Cycling Holiday

Up until a few years ago, if a family wanted to take a cycling holiday, it would take a few days of intense research and planning, and then you would have to make each nightly reservation at suitable accommodation along your chosen route, and if that isn’t enough, you would have to kit yourself out with all the necessary equipment, which would include the bicycles. The level of difficulty is such that few families would dare take on such an ambitious project, yet with modern solutions, a cycling holiday is within everyone’s reach.

Online Tour Organisers

This is the secret to arranging the perfect cycling holidays, whether you are being joined by the family, or you fancy a solo experience, there are many riding levels to choose from, and this ensures that everyone is riding within their capabilities. Families can actually go on a self-guided tour, where you are given maps and instructions and away you go, and this appeals to the more adventurous. The cycles can be rented, or if preferred, you can take your own machines, which a majority of people do, as you become accustomed to your bicycle, and like cars, no two are ever the same.

Range of destination countries

If you have travelled extensively around the British Isles, you might prefer to go further afield, yet there are some stunning locations in England, Scotland, and Wales, and with some Internet browsing, you could narrow down your choice, and the chances are an online company that organises cycling holidays would have at least one tour in all of the Great Britain destinations. Europe offers some of the best vistas in the world, and with specially chosen scenic rides, you will get to see the very best of the countryside. Italy, Spain and Portugal are ideal for the sun lovers, while central France and Switzerland has its own unique charm, and there are even cycling holidays in Scandinavia.


The tour organiser would issue you with a list of things to bring, and the only compulsory requirement would be your own cycling helmet, as these are not rented out for hygiene reasons, and in some countries, cyclists must wear helmets by law. If you are a cyclist, you would likely have your won jersey and shorts, and you might want to take several sets, to allow for laundry, which the accommodation would arrange. If you do not own any cycling wear, shorts and T shirts are fine, and other than your personal effects, there really isn’t anything else, aside from your bike, and if you don’t have one, the tour operator can provide a suitable machine.

Booking your cycling holiday early will give you more time to research your destination country, and it is recommended you do find out about the local attractions, although if you are with a guided tour, the guide would know the best places to see. An online search will put you in touch with a cycle holiday organiser, and then you can discover for yourself, the excitement and pleasure it gives.

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